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Profile of the Founder President:

Dr. Krishna Reddy
is the founder president of the indian American Friendship Council. Dr. Reddy hails from Bangalore, india. He received his degree in Dental Surgery from Bangalore University in 1975 and now he is a general practitioner in Whittier, CA. Dr. Reddy is a prominent philanthropist and a dedicated community leader. Dr. Krishna Reddy has spent several years of his life in establishing better Indo - American relations. Dr. Reddy was recognized by the President of India, and the United States Government for his valuable contributions. Dr. Reddy has established a vast political network through Friendship Council. A dozen years ago, Dr. Krishna Reddy founded the IAFC and held a meeting with half a dozen U.S. Congressmen - today more than 120 are attending the annual legislative conferences.

"No other Indian American organization can put together that many US. legislators at a meeting''
- said Congressman Gilman at the 6th annual IAFC gala banquet dinner.

''The level of involvement of the Indian American community has now risen considerably. The creditor this belongs to the Indian Caucus and Dr Krishna Reddy''
- said Congressman Pallone

''The seeds that DK Krishna Reddy, a man who does incredible hard work, planted a few years ago have bloomed.''
- said Congressman Sherman
''1 commend IAFC members for celebrating the remarkable contributions of Indian-Americans, who play a significant role in the economic, cultural, and civic life of our Nation. I also applaud you for preserving your rich customs and traditions. Your efforts honor the ideals on which the United States was founded.''
- President George W. Bush   -  June 5, 2002

''The New century we have just begun holds great opportunities and challenges for both our countries and our partnership will become even more important in the years ahead. l salute the members of the Indian American Friendship Council for promoting greater understanding and cooperation between our two Nations and for raising awareness of the contributions of millions of Americans of indian ancestry whose skills, energy, culture, and values have so enriched our nation's life and heritage. You can be proud of your role in building a fixture that is more peaceful, secure, free and prosperous for us all''
- President Bill Clinton  -  June 5, 2000
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